"STADIG. Means 'permanent'. We combine sustainability with high-quality design. This is how we produce products that are lasting pleasure. STADIG. Stop."

– STADIG.team

short version, we know your time is precious:

we are STADIG. from hamburg and manufacture products in the areas of furniture, home accessories and toys. minimalist but cozy. design is the starting point of our actions, nothing comes out of the can with us. every product is designed and thought through by us. We produce locally in Germany, with trained specialists, at fair wages, using natural materials. sustainability and locality are often not visible at first glance. it depends on the invisible processes, which we design to be as resource-efficient and fair as possible out of conviction.

we, that's ole, anja and benno. ole is a product designer with his own design studio and has a hand in hand with the products from the design process to production. anja takes care of our communication channels and especially the contact with our customers. And benno organizes everything that lies in between and is necessary to sell our products.


long version, if you would like to find out more about the background to our foundation:

what is your contribution?
this question was aimed at an evening meeting with friends (the children in bed) to contribute to a sustainable, environmentally conscious life. safeguarding the world's resources in order to preserve them for future generations is an issue for each of us. these and similar conversations have been very popular for a long time, to put it in an almost nasty way. it's hip to be able to say that you buy organic products at the weekly market, that you only equip your children with wooden toys and fair trade clothes ... the list goes quickly to infinity. It is no secret that the balancing act is difficult and that a sustainable, environmentally conscious lifestyle is often not followed consistently. and it is also a question of will and can s.
We do not want to have an all-encompassing discussion about sustainability and we cannot offer solutions for each of the countless adjusting screws and possibilities. rather, we want to provide some kind of food for thought to deal with the topic.

what actually drives you?
we are firmly convinced that people are increasingly dealing with the topic of sustainability and attach more importance to products that are produced in the same way.
Sustainability should generally move more into focus, and not just boost sales. we all deal with this topic more and more in everyday life. no matter whether the use of plastic bags vs. jute), the choice of means of transport, a conscious decision to buy used furniture and clothing, your own vegetable garden, rainwater cistern ... every contribution counts and is very important so that this world remains a beautiful and liveable place for our children and grandchildren. In addition, fairly produced products have long been sexy and chic and the products of our designer and co-founder ole marten (o.ma design) prove that once again. a beautiful, sustainable product has its price, of course (politically correct one should speak of value), just like organic chicken is more expensive. With observations about the change in our lifestyle, buying more used items and using “good” products and investing in durability, we were so daring to come up with the thesis that it is not just us. conversations with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues fortunately confirmed that we are not alone and that the topic of “contribution and sustainable lifestyle” has never stopped at any door. Since we and our survey group do not consider ourselves and our survey group to be dinosaurs, but rather for the future - or at least current, we are now simply boldly assuming that our products are of interest to more than just us.

In the end, it was precisely these two questions and ok, ole's birthday present for our son's 1st birthday (a wooden car) that laid the foundation for our company foundation project.
the nice thing about this: we have created a unique constellation in which everyone does what they do best.
ole can design and he does it damn well! under o.ma (ole marten) design ole runs his design studio with a focus on furniture and product design in oldenburg. benno can let off steam with purchasing, sales and online marketing. and anja has her hat on for all process, organization and project management topics and is even allowed to reinvent herself as a social media manager. so are we. everyone does what they are good at and enjoy doing, and for a change not as an employee for someone else, but for themselves and their own company. founded, even if it is now old hat, with small children or on parental leave.