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STADIG.brumm Design toy car made of wood with linoleum coating #red

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Design toy car made of wood with linoleum coating



High-quality designed toy car made of natural materials, precisely crafted wheels and axes




A real eye-catcher - birch plywood with untreated edges, furniture linoleum in chic colors



Fun to play, easy to grip, made for children's hands



All STADIG. Products are designed and manufactured in Germany. We produce our products ourselves in our workshop or work with partners who meet our high quality standards

The STADIG.brumm Flitzer - very valuable:

Materials: birch plywood, linoleum, wood axes and some wood glue, nothing else

Dimensions: 22 cm long, 9 cm high, 6 cm wide

Weight: 0.285 kg

Delivery time: 2 - 3 working days

Free delivery within Germany and the EU