STADIG.stubenhocker Design stool made of wood with wool felt cover  #sea blue #2nd choice

STADIG.stubenhocker Design stool made of wood with wool felt cover #sea blue #2nd choice

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Design stool made of wood with wool felt cover and seat cushion, stackable

2nd choice - seat cushion slightly depressed, but has no effect on function


The STADIG.stubenhocker comes with a seat height of 45 cm for relaxed squatting without bent legs


The simple, reduced formal language of the design is combined with the untreated edge of the birch plywood. The wool felt cover made of 100% merino sheep's wool with a thickness of 3mm contributes to a rounded appearance


The incised corners make the wood pliable. Here the carpentry work remains visible and the stool gets its clever shape


Stay in motion even while sitting. Whether sitting together or at the desk, the rounded edges enable safe tilting for more freedom of movement


Not necessarily visible at first glance, but the STADIG.stubenhocker is incredibly comfortable. An almost invisible seat cushion is embedded in the wooden panel under the felt. Sitting together for a long time is no problem either


A stackable design enables space-saving storage and quick retrieval when the group gets bigger


We have the four chic colors permanently available, but we can manufacture the STADIG.stubenhocker in more than 70 colors from a certain number. Inquiries can be made using our contact form


All STADIG. Products are designed and manufactured in Germany. We produce our products ourselves in our workshop or work with partners who meet our high quality standards

The STADIG.stubenhocker - very valuable:

Materials: birch plywood, 100% merino wool felt, 4 screws, recycled composite foam and some wood glue

Dimensions: 55 cm wide, 45 cm high, 29 cm deep

Weight: 4.8 kg

Delivery time: 2 - 3 working days

Free delivery within Germany and the EU

A little tip for cleaning: Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and soapy water

Our recommendation for sensitive floors: Glue felt pads under the feet of the stool

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